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ES Nord 12E

ES Nord 12E

Technical specifications

Air Water heatpump
EVI DC inverter monobloc
Model ES Nord 12E

35°C: energy class A++ / SCOP value 4.16
55°C: Energy class A++ / SCOP value 3.22

Power supply: 380V/3N/30-90Hz
Moisture resistance: IPX4
Electrical shock resistant: I

Heater Condition - Ambient Temp. (DB/WB): 7/6°C Water Temp. (In/Out): 30/35°C

Heat output range: 4.70-12.50 kW
Heating power input range: 1.08-3.44 kW
Heater Current Input Range: 2.1-5.7A

Cooling Condition - Ambient Temp. (DB/WB): 35/24°C Water Temp. (In/Out): 12/7°C

Cooling capacity range: 3.22-11.30 kW
Cooling capacity input range: 1.27-4.64 kW
Cooling Current Input Range: 2.4-7.6A

Hot Water Condition - Ambient Temp. (DB/WB): 20/15°C Water Temp. (In/Out): 15/55°C

Hot water output range: 5.76-16.20 kW
Hot water power consumption: 1.16-4.20 kW
Hot water current input range: 2.2-6.9 A
Max. input power: 4.64 kW
max current input: 7.6 A
Water flow: 1.7 m³/h
Correct refrigerant charge: R32/1.6 kg
CO2 equivalent: 1.08 ton
Sound pressure: 42-55 db(A)
Net weight: 108 kg
Working pressure low side: 2.1 MPa
Working pressure high side: 4.4 MPa
Unit size: 953*460*915mm
Shipping dimension: 1050*500*1060mm
Compressor: Panasonic
Circulation pump: Yes
Operating ambient temperature: -25°C / 43°C
Fan quantity: 1
Fan Motor Type: DC Motor
Power Consumption: 30-73W
Fan Speed: 300-800RPM
Water connection: 1 inch
Water pressure drop max.: 35 kPa
Circulation pump head: 5.5 m
Cabinet type: Galvanized sheet metal

*Note: The shown version and color of the heat pump may vary.
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