About ES Nord

Energi Spardirekt Nord AB (ES Nord AB) was founded in 1998 as a sole proprietorship by Managing Director Hans Ylivainio and is headquartered in Märsta, Sweden. In 2009, the individual company Energi Spar Nord became the Swedish joint-stock company Energi Spardirekt Nord AB (GmbH).ES Nord AB specializes in the development and production of heat pumps, training in cooling technology, energy dimensioning and ventilation.In November 2003 the energy and training center in Kangos, northern Sweden. This training and test center is the center for the training of retailers and fitters, research, further development and testing of new heat pumps. Analyzes and tests are also carried out here on how alternative energy sources can be combined with heat pumps. In 2006, ES Nord begins production of the E-Series air to water heat pumps. The heat pumps undergo rigorous testing at the Kangos test center. These guarantee high quality, even in extreme weather conditions, as well as a long service life. Our heat pumps are TÜV / ERP tested and certified.