Air-to-water heat pumps | developed in sweden

The ES Nord E-Series has been developed and tested in Sweden for several years.
With ES Nord's new EVI technology, the ES Nord E-Series can be used in extremely cold areas for heating, cooling and hot water production. Reliable performance at outside temperatures down to -35 degrees in winter and up to +30 degrees in summer. Our heat pumps have a built-in controller to work alone or in combination with other energy sources such as electricity, gas, wood, pellets or solar panels. A heat pump can be connected directly to an existing system or via an accumulator tank. Before our heat pumps come onto the market, the prototypes are tested for at least a year in northern Sweden (Kiruna). After a successful test phase in winter cold (down to minus 30 degrees Celsius) and summer heat, the product is released for production. A pilot series will then be produced (50 heat pumps). Customers who purchase such a product at particularly favorable conditions also receive full guarantees. Our heat pumps are TÜV tested and certified. BAFA registered!

Benefits of the E-Series

Vorteile Luft-Wasser-Wärmepumpe

• 24/7 available, infinite and free heat source
• Significantly reduced CO₂ emissions
• Low investment costs
• Suitable for new buildings or for modernization
• Independence from fuel suppliers
• Largely independent of economic and political fluctuations
• Operational security for the future
• Increased real estate value

Energy class A++/A+++

The inverter technology allows the heat pump to adjust its frequency from 30-90 Hz depending on the actual heat demand. With this technology, ES Nord E-Series achieves energy class A++ according to EU Erp guidelines at a water temperature of 35 degrees. All pumps achieve A++ at 55 degrees.

R32 – Low impact on the climate

The ES Nord E-Series uses the refrigerant R32. It is a greener choice to reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, the R32 heat pumps use around 30% less refrigerant compared to R410A models.

Noise level up to 37 db (A)

The ES Nord series is designed to provide its users with a comfortable living environment with relatively low noise levels. With the "Silent Mode" function, the noise level in active operation is only 31dB (at a distance of one meter).

Our products | air-to-water heat pumps & fan convectors

ES Nord 8E

heating output range 2.29-8.25 kW
SCOP 4.55/3.20

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ES Nord 12E

heating output range 4.70-12.50 kW
SCOP 4.16/3.22

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Es Nord 20E

heating output range 7.00-20.50 kW
SCOP 4.19/3.23

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ES Nord 25E

heating output range 10.00-25.00 kW
SCOP 4.25/3.23

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ES Nord 50E

heating output range 42 kW

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Fan convector
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App control

Configure and monitor your heat pump conveniently via app control.

Equipment of the E-Series

Tubular heat exchanger
Circulation pump